1989 – It all started in 1989, when Carlos Ferreira, who at the time was only 23 years old, bought the first estate, starting with the production of melons, to this day the most representative culture, in a small area of 3 hectares. We could actually say that the «fruit bug» started much earlier, when ate the age of 11 he accompanied his father in fruit sales.    


2000 – After this date, the production continually grew and, in 2000, it was of about 100 hectares, specially occupied with melon and watermelon.


2004 – The Winter cultures of broccoli and cauliflower were introduced, trying to widen our product portfolio, seeking to complement our offer.


2005 – With the goal of reaching bigger competiveness, Carlos Ferreira invited other farmers from Santarem to create the company HORTOMELÃO – VEGETABLES AND FRUITS, LDT.


2009 – We were recognized as a Producers Organization of the following products: melon, watermelon, broccoli and pumpkin. We launched our brand – Terras do Bairro. These were two great moments that symbolized the beginning of a new phase, more professionalized, competitive and with a greater guarantee of quality control of our products. In this year, we already worked a total area of about 800 hectares, in a total of 18 to 20 tons, with the support of 250 field workers and 80 warehouse workers.


2011 – Our production exceeded 24.000 tons. It was the year when our export was consolidated in 14 countries in Europe and Africa, and the USA.



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