Terras do Bairro

Being a Producers Organization and having as main goal to develop quality products, valuing them, which is reflected in the satisfaction of all elements of the value chain – from the producer to the final consumer – we launched the brand Terras do Bairro, seeking to further differentiate our products, certain of their added value.

Terras do Bairro is a characteristic expression used to refer to some lands of Ribatejo, so this was the concept best suited for our vision of the future, starting with producing in our neighborhood («bairro»), mobilizing wills and desires, and continuing in other lands of many other neighborhoods, regions.  Because we have a vision of gathered efforts, we acknowledge that, besides the nutrients of the soil, the sun heat, the freshness of the rain, strength, will and union against adversity are also needed, in an innovation perspective.

The brand Terras do Bairro was born in Ribatejo, but has already been extended to the plains of Alentejo and promises to overcome boarders. It promises to value national production and know-how.


Terras do Bairro refreshes warm summers and - throughout the year - sweetens, healthily, many of our meals.



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