With North and Central America origins, the pumpkin belongs to the same family of melon and watermelon (Cucurbitaceae). It’s rich in vitamin A and also contains vitamins of the B complex, calcium and phosphorus. It’s low in calories and of easy digestion.

Production season: April, May, June        

Commercialization: July to February





It has a cylindrical shape. The fruits vary between 6 and 10 cm in diameter and between 20 and 25 cm length. Weighting about 1kg, the fruit is almost all pulp, with few seeds. The peel has an orange color.
Production period: April, May, June.
Commercialization: July to February.



This is the pumpkin variety most associated with Halloween. The fruits can reach a diameter of 20 to 150cm and a length of 10 to 50 cm; the weight varies between 2 and 15kg. It is a variety with many seeds and it is very nutritious. The peel has an strong orange color.
Production period: July.
Commercialization: Halloween.




(Cucurbita maxima) | It has a lobate form, and it is very fleshy. The peel and pulp have a strong orange color. The weight varies between 3 and 40 kg. It is named “fairy tale” pumpkin, because it is the pumpkin shown in the Cinderella story.


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